Services at Mt Albert Presbyterian Church 

Sunday services 10am:
We have weekly Sunday Services at 10am with the organ leading us in most of our worship.  All welcome.    

Family services 10am on the 4th Sunday of the month: 
On the fourth Sunday of every month, we have a Family Service where Church members are encouraged to contribute to the leading of the service according to one's gifting.  In these family services, the worship band leads our music and other members leads in prayers.  All welcome.     

Holy Communion services: 
On the 1st Sunday of January, February, April, June, August, October & December, we have Holy Communion at our 10am service.  All welcome.   

Easter Dawn Service: 

Working together with the local Methodist Church, we host the annual Easter Dawn Service up Mount Albert Owairaka, and we always start the service half an hour before sunrise.  After the service, we enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and then go to the church hall for a lovely warm breakfast.  

Annual Children's service: 
We usually hold this annual service on the fourth Sunday of July and the children leads our service from beginning to end.  They often has drama, memory verses, songs for our message.  They also lead us in prayers and music.

Annual Youth service: 
We hold our annual youth service on the fourth Sunday of August which is the national Youth Sunday.  At this service the youth brings our message and leads us in prayers and music.