Services coming up:                        Music                                    Preacher
22 Oct 10am Infant Baptism        Worship Band                    Rev Tani Haunga
29 Oct 10am Morning Service     Michael  Jenkins                Psalm 90
5 Nov 10am Morning Service      Ros & George                    1 Thessalonians 2:9-13

Church Duty Roster:                        Morning tea roster:
15 Oct – Fale Asafo                         16 Oct – Letoga family
22 Oct – Family Service                  22 Oct – Josie & Laga Fuimaono
29 Oct – Rivalina                              29 Oct – Congregation
05 Nov – Noah                                  05 Nov –Saipale Fuimaono

Duty Elder:                                          Duty Managers:
October – Ross Iefata Alipia        October—Simon / Tasi  / Betty

Meetings coming up:
15 Oct 11:30am Property & Finance

Youth fellowship resumes on Monday, 6.30pm here in the meeting room.  See Laga, Malakai or Mavis for more info

Children's Ministry resume today, as Children go to Children’s ministry after their blessing. 

Men’s Monday Fellowship – gathers on Monday at 11:30.  See Tasi or Simon for more details.

Monday Night Fellowship – resume tomorrow night as we start the gospel of Matthew, word-for-word DVD series. click here for the presentation.  All welcome.

Sunday Night Soup Fellowship
Last Sunday we looked at what many see as ‘those boring genealogies’ and their significance to understanding the Bible.  A very interesting topic with new insight.  At our next Soup Fellowship, we will look at ‘Prophecy: History written in Advance’.  We will look at biblical prophecy and its incredibly accurate fulfilment – from the Messianic prophecies to those being fulfilled today.  All welcome!

Worship Band will have the usual practice on Friday 20 th 7pm, for the Family service on 4 th Sunday.
Lite Party – Tuesday 31 st October
Get those LIGHT costumes dusted, or start making a new one, and come along and join our children in their Lite Party celebration on 31 st October.  It is a time to celebrate the LIGHT of God and its great influence in our world – LIGHT overcame darkness and evil, so come along and celebrate with our children.  All welcome. 

Annual Church fair – 4 th November
We will have our annual Church fair on Saturday 4 th November.  Last year, we had an Auction, sausage sizzle and cake stall.  This year we are looking at cake stall, selling pre-ordered lunch packs, and selling (or auctioning) various items as we did last year.  More details to come.
Music Fellowship – Sunday 12 th November 6.30pm
We will have our first Music Evening Fellowship in November.  At this service, you are welcome to bring a Christian song item of any kind: Acapella, band, choir, or solo.  We will also have Bible verses, prayers and devotion.  The fellowship will be in the big hall, and is part of the Sunday Evening Soup Fellowship ministry.  See Tani if you have a song to contribute to the service.  All welcome.

Items we have so far: Presaeus and Joseph with an instrumental item, Lauren is bringing a song, Sari and Reeton will be doing a duet, Harlym will be bringing the Scripture verses, Ethan will also bring an item and we will hear a choir item from the Children’s ministry.   

Building the Church for today and tomorrow Conference
Christian Savings, in partnership with Carey and Laidlaw College, is bringing together a range of experts from different church backgrounds to address some of the difficult questions of mission and ministry in the twenty-first century. What is the place of the church in a changing culture? How do we best manage our finances? What does strategic planning look like for a church? If we can’t do everything, what should we focus on?   Conference will be on 31 st October.  $30 per person.   See notice board for more details.

Auckland Prayer Breakfast – 26 October
All are encouraged to take part in this ethnically diverse, multi-denominational unity event in Auckland.  Cost - $40, includes full breakfast and free parking.  Arrive 6.30 for 7am start, finishes by 8.40am.  It’s good to pray at all times and also alone, but there is a place for corporate prayer on occasions such as this.  For more information, visit