Services coming up:                       Music                                   Preacher 
25 Feb 10am                                     Worship Band                    Laga, Atua & Lata
04 Mar 10am                                     Barbara Olds                      Rev Tani Haunga
11 Mar 10am                                     Joshua Arulanandham     Rev Tani Haunga

Church Duty Roster:                       Morning tea roster:
25 Feb – Lauren Fuimaono          25 Feb – Afosa Family  
4 Mar –   Elton Letoga                      4 Mar – Alesana Family
11 Mar – Fern Fuimaono              11 Mar – James and Sose Family

Duty Elder:                                         Duty Managers:
February – Valerie Candy              Feb – Simon, Kapeni, Mele.
March – Tasi Asafo                         March - TBC

Door Duty:
February – Riva Fuimaono and Betty Kwok
March – Simon Salter and Setoa Mariner

Church Meetings coming up:                                    
4 March 11.30am                             Outreach Committee

Free Bible available in the foyer Monday Fellowship continues tomorrow night starting at 7.30pm as we work through the God’s Space study.  Walking group starts 8am Saturday mornings. If it gets too wet and dangerous to walk up the mountain, we’ll have some sort of zumba (DVD) in the hall. All fitness levels welcome.  The latest Community Connections newsletter is available in the foyer, where you can find the latest news on how Presbyterian Support connects with the community. Up and coming events include the ‘Children’s Day Sunday’ on 4 March, the ‘Light it Orange (Shine)’ on 3 - 9 March and the ‘Neighbours Day Aotearoa’ on 24 & 25 March. On the back of the newsletter are some social justice ideas that you may wish to become involved in. Regional Youth Service – 25 th February.

Venue – Korean Presbyterian Church of Auckland, Henderson. It will start at 6.00pm and there will be food and fellowship to finish. We will be hosting the Regional Youth Service, on Sunday 18 th March.

 The Lenten Banner We are in the season of Lent. The season when, traditionalist think about giving up something and when we think about Jesus’ final sacrifice.  And so we should think about these things. If we observe the abstemious rites of Lent, we are connecting with our tribal roots in Europe, if we are European. If we are thinking primarily about Jesus, we are connecting with the deepest mystery of our faith, one that can be understood only by faith

Ecclesiastically, it is a purple season, a season, like Advent, of waiting.
But there is another way of thinking about Lent. I have not found anything in the
Bible about Jesus waiting anywhere for anything in those forty days before his last Passover feast. They were the days when he was busiest, traveling here and there, always preaching, teaching, healing, getting up the noses of the scribes and Pharisees, and, probably, causing the Roman authorities some concerns. Could this man be the promised Messiah? The One who would free his people? The Passover and Easter was yet to come. The bread was yet to be made. The grapes were yet to be processed.
In an attempt to put the Bible stories into an Auckland setting, to portray Jesus’ very busy time as the reaping of his harvest, we made a simple banner, just grain, which does not grow well in Auckland, and grapes, which do. A simple, hardwearing background fabric was chosen to enhance the potential bread and wine. The rough wood of the cross frames the work, the nails are waiting.

The banner is about POTENTIAL. To me, Lent is about POTENTIAL

And I think the message for us today, is about finding potential in our congregation.

We are finding younger folk, who can take this church and congregation forward into a new multicultural era. Today’s and last Sunday’s services are examples of the dedication and ability of our young members. Thank you.

Joyce Ross

World Day of Prayer Friday 2 March 2018. The service this year has been prepared by the World Day of Prayer Committee Suriname.

“All God’s Creation is very good!”

It will be held in the Mt Albert Baptist Church, New North Road.

Time 7.00pm.