Services coming up
:                       Music                                   Preacher 
10 Dec 10am Holy Communion              Joshua                                 Rev Tani Haunga
17 Dec 10am Readings & Carols           Barbara Olds                      Rev Tani Haunga
24 Dec 10am Family Service                    Worship Band                    Rev Tani Haunga
24 Dec 9pm Christmas Eve                      Angelina                              Rev Tani Haunga
25 Dec 10am Christmas Day                   Angelina                              Rev Tani Haunga
31 Dec 10am Thanksgiving                      Dr Michael Jenkins           Rev Tani Haunga

Church Duty Roster
:                       Morning tea roster
10 Dec – Elton                                   10 Dec – Congregation
17 Dec – Setoa Mariner                   17 Dec – Congregation
 24 Dec – Lata Letoga                      24 Dec – Congregation

Duty Elder:                                        Duty Managers
December – Laga Fuimaono       Dec – Kwame / Asafo / Agiga

Meetings coming up:
Sunday 10 Dec 11.30am                Pastoral Care & Social
Sunday 17 Dec 11.30am                Property & Finance

Men’s Monday Fellowship
We will continue to gather on Monday at 11:30. See Tasi or Simon for more details.

Church Choir Practice
The Church choir will be singing at the December Family service, so we will have two practice, one today at 11.30am, and the other practice next Sunday same time. Please join us as we prepare our song for Family Service.

Senior’s Lunch
We have our quarterly Senior’s lunch on Tuesday 12 th December at 12noon. This is an opportunity to gather, have a meal together, catch-up and be encouraged. It is free to all seniors so come along and enjoy the fellowship.
Please note that we have officially invited Seniors from the West Region of Northern Presbytery, so we will need helpers. If you are available on the day, please see Liliu and let her. 

Ministry Rosters for 2018
Boards are available in the foyer with rosters for next year. If you wish to serve in any of the rosters, please write down your name, and the time/s you wish to be on the roster.
Ministries you can serve in:
·        Church Duty – This roster allocates people to bring in the Bible before the service, to do the Scripture reading for the day and to take the Bible back out at the end of the service. You are required to be at Church early, to be ready to bring Bible in.
·        Morning Tea – Serving on this roster means that you will arrive early and check and ensure that kitchen is setup (hot water is on, there is milk, etc), setup the hall (tables and chairs), then join us for the service. During the final hymn, you will go downstairs and prepare to serve people when they come for morning tea. The Church has supplies (biscuits, tea, coffee etc) and you are welcome to use the Church supplies for morning tea.

Painting of halls
We have planned and booked to paint the hall on the first two weeks of January, starting on 2 nd January and hopefully done by 12 th to allow hall users back into the hall. If you are able to help in any way, or have tools and equipment that can be used for this project, please speak with Tasi.  

Free desk
to a good home. See Simon or Tasi. Transport is available to bring the desk, if that will help.

The Advent Season
Welcome to the Advent season, the first season of the Christian calendar.
Advent is about the specific hope and expectation of Jesus’ imminent return. It is about hoping for God.  As Luke T. Johnson puts it, “Because God is always other to us, and we can never make God our project, can never reduce the Creator to the level of our creation, we have hope” (Faith’s Freedom, p. 72). Advent emphasizes hope for the return of Christ. It does not prepare us for a busy Christmas season, but for Jesus. His entry into history and into our lives has been and can be again upsettingly wonderful. As we live in expectation, we prepare our hearts to receive the baby in the manger, with joy and gladness.