Thank you for joining us in worship today. If you are visiting from another congregation, please convey our greetings to your home Church.

Hospitality 11.10am:
Join us for morning tea in the hall after the service.  All welcome!

Services coming up:                   Music                            Preacher       
9 Dec 10am Holy Communion         Joshua Arulanandham    Rev Tani Haunga
16 Dec 10am Readings & Carols    Bruce short                    Rev Tani Haunga
23 Dec 10am Family Service          Worship Band                 Rev Tani Haunga
24 Dec 9pm Christmas Eve            TBC                                 Rev Tani Haunga
25 Dec 10am Christmas Day          TBC                                 Rev Tani Haunga
30 Dec 10am Thanksgiving             Michael Jenkins              Rev Tani Haunga

Church Duty Roster:             Morning tea roster:
9 Dec – Noah Brown            Dec – Congregation
16 Dec - Lauren Fuimaono

Duty Elder:                Duty Managers:
Dec – Tasi Asafo             Dec – Kwame, Lata.
Door Duty:                Projector & Sound desk        
Dec – Maiava, Elton            Dec – Fale, Setoa

Meetings coming up:
9 Dec 11.30am         Pastoral Care & Social Committee
16 Dec 11.30am        Property & Finance Committee

Christmas services
Today, our Children’s ministry will present two Christmas carols.  Next Sunday, our Youth will present a Christmas drama at our Readings and Carols service.  Come along and listen to Scripture readings, sing along to Christmas carols, and enjoy the Christmas drama.  You will also find the Annual Christmas services leaflet in the foyer, which gives details of Christmas services in the local Churches.

Children’s Ministry Leadership

Our Children’s ministry continues to grow, and we are in need of more leaders for 2019.  We would therefore like to extend a warm invitation to anyone who sense a call to serve in this ministry, to join our Teaching team for the 2019.  For more information and details, please see Ros or Liliu after the service.

Weekly Prayer meeting continues on Wednesday morning, starting at 11am in Church Foyer.  All are welcome to attend, and if you need prayer but cannot attend, place prayer request in box by prayer tree or see Tani.  

Community Soup Outreach continues on Tuesday, 12noon, in the small hall. This is an opportunity to chat with others over soup and refreshment.  It is a wonderful ministry, so come along and serve, and be served. All welcome.  

Choir – for the Christmas season  
Choir practice will continue today, starting at 11.30.  So get some morning tea and meet us in the small hall.

2019 Roster
If you wish to be part of the regular roster by serving the Church in 2019, the roster boards are out in the foyer.  Check out these boards, and put your name on the ministry you wish to serve in.  There are different ways to serve the local Church – from reading Scripture on Sundays, to sweeping up leaves in the car park.  Please read instructions on the boards.

ADVENT (From Advent Readings-Laidlaw College)

Advent is the Latin word for arrival or coming and is the period of four weeks before Christmas that we set aside to celebrate Jesus coming into our world.  It is also a time in which we early await Jesus’ Second Advent – when He will come again as a Mighty King to make all things new; to redeem this broken world from its hurt, trouble, and tragedy.

We prepare to welcome the Saviour and King.
Malachi 3:1 – 7, Exodus 23:20 – 25, Isaiah 43, Romans 13:11 – 14

God sends divine and human messengers to His people to show them how to prepare: for worship, to enter a new land, and to come into the presence of the living God.  We are most ready to welcome a guest, when we have spent time preparing for their arrival.  Leading up to Christmas, we prepare our hearts, our minds, our bodies, our schedules, our whole lives, to welcome our Saviour and King.  

Zechariah’s song: Luke 1:67 – 79

Lord, help us to prepare and always be ready to welcome you – the God who has and will always make a way for us.